Fregnan: AI Driven Company Analytics

Who are we

Fregnan is a fast-growing Fintech company that produces high quality, unbiased financial modelling and forecasting through automation at scale. Using our advanced machine learning techniques, we generates unique insight, of which traditional modelling using spreadsheets is just not capable.

Fregnan provides a powerful, AI driven modelling tool, The Fregnan Engine, that transforms the process of developing a spreadsheet or valuing a company and gaining insight. The Frenan Engine can be extensively tailored by the user, and be adapted to particular workflows.

Why it matters

Used by banks, fund managers, stock exchanges and research houses, the Fregnan Engine enables our clients to work faster and with greater insight.

All clients are different and Fregnan responds to the priority need of each client - whether the need is efficiency improvements, insights for stock picking, analytical speed or forecasts for under covered companies. Moreover, these needs can be catered for by only small adaptation of Fregnan core capabilities.

With global coverage - from the smallest to the largest company - and our ability to connect each model to any external data, such as ESG, Fregnan is transforming the investment research process.

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